The beginning of Locking can be traced to one man, Don Campbell. In the late 1960s he put together several fad dances adding moves of his own (known as the “Lock”) when performing. The original lock was created by accident: Campbell couldn’t do a move called the ‘Funky Chicken’ and stopped at a particular point whilst moving his arms, creating a ‘locking’ effect. He wasn’t able to perform it fluently, for he couldn’t remember which step to take next. (Even the acting towards the audience was spontaneous: when people started laughing at Don because of his unfamiliar moves, he responded by pointing at them.) These halts soon became popular as Don added them into his performances. The resulting dance was called Campbellocking, which was later shortened to Locking. In the early 1970s this set off a movement of Locking dance groups, notably Campbell’s group The Lockers. Other lockers Jimmy “Scoo B Doo” Foster, Greggory “Campbellock Jr.” Pope, Tony “GoGo” Lewis, Fred “Mr Penguin” Berry (a.k.a. Rerun), Leo “Fluky Luke” Williamson, Damita Jo Freeman and others also helped set the foundation for the locking dance and clothes style. Clothes style can consist of loud striped socks, pegged pants that stopped at the knees, bright colorful satin shirts with big collars, big colorful bow ties, gigantic Apple Boy hats, and white gloves.

From 1973 to 1976, The Lockers consisted of the following members:

  • Don “Campbellock” Campbell
  • Toni “Mickey” Basil
  • Fred “Mr. Penguin” Berry
  • Greg “Campbellock Jr” PopeA
  • Adolfo “Shabba-Doo” Quinones
  • Bill “Slim the Robot” Williams
  • Leo “Fluky Luke” Williamson