Contemporary Dance is technical-based dancing but with no real rules. You can do pretty much whatever style you can imagine, its a style where you can create your own style. A lot of stuff classified as Contemporary Dance is avant-garde, based on a creative idea, a little off the wall. May not even look like dancing. Its the artsy stuff that you won’t likely study in a dance studio, its done mostly in Modern Dance companies. Contemporary Jazz is technical-jazz based, using ballet/jazz technique, but being driven by the emotions of the music. Its what in my day we called Lyrical dance. Its typically done to slower music, more passionate music, but can be up-tempo. The main driving force is the music and how the movement relates to it. This is what you see on shows such as “So You Think You Can Dance” and at most dance competitions around the country.Some of the movements are foundational movements found in Jazz such as: isolations, flexibility, syncopation (off beat), releve’s, pirouettes, rolled shoulders, jazz hands. Hip Hop foundational movements are similar in that they include: isolations, flexibility, and some syncopated movement (especially with the dynamic new music found in today’s pop, dubstep, R&B sounds. What makes Hip Hop different is that you use a lower center of gravity (feet are grounded), most times on the beat (or “ride the beat”) . When merged, these two styles become sort of a hybrid.