We create to entertain.

Connect International is a creative agency that has for the last five years decided to go public on a professional level. Not only do we help the agency’s faculty push their creativity, We also push to obtain regular work within the entertainment industry by helping clients with whatever Product creations they may have.

Connect International specializes in Production and concepts
from start to finish, creating and assisting in whatever the product maybe.

We also have a faculty of professional people who specializes in certain fields. On our booking site we have, Producers, Choreographs, Directors, Designers, Dancers, Stylists, Make up Artists, Models, Singers, Clowns, Actors, Dj’s Photographers, Artistic & Creative Directors, Musicians, Camera Production, Management, Physiotherapist just to name a few.

We also create concepts whatever the job, Connect International takes time out when it comes to Concept fulfilment, We fill in all the spaces when it comes to choosing the right professional for that particular job.

What we do are among some of the best an agency has to offer, as our back ground includes:

Game Shows, Gala Shows, Tv Shows, Fashion Shows, Theatre Shows, Musicals, Festivals, Industrials, Music Production, Concept Writing, Song Writing, Dance, Singing and Acting Workshops.

The agency is an International Creative Agency, we help clients and companies establish and create their ideas, by bringing out the best.