Dancehall is all about attitude and energy Originating from Jamaica this style has become immensely popular and you will often see it in mainstream videoclips such as ; Rihanna, Sean Paul, Beinie Man, Elephant Man and others.. Authentic Dancehall moves are generally created mainly spontaneously during street parties in Jamaica. There are over 800 dance moves and in class you will learn the most popular ones.

Dancehall has become known to be a rough immensely catchy street style of reggae “riddims”. It is the centre of the Jamaican ghetto youth’s life world, a place for enjoyment, cultural expression, survival and spiritual renewal. This is a fast-moving, feverish, “spiritual” class with an emphasis on strengthening technique and expression in the “black contemporary” style, tracing traditional dancehall steps and bringing it into a modern context. DANCE to songs from Beenie Man, Mavado, Capleton, Lady Saw, Ding Dong.