The Creative Team is a group of Artistic and Creative Directors, Choreographers, Photographers, Video Cutters, Cameramen & women, Costume Designers, Graphic Designers, Make Up Artist, and Stylists.

The Team has the experience to stage shows, fashion shows, TV show, theatre productions, music videos and more.

We are please to say that our team are truly professionals in their fields with experience one could only dream of.

Connect International, which has been in the workings nonstop behind the scenes to achieve the very best entertainment platform there is, something that every business company and event production company needs, by creating and making dreams come true what ever the promotional or casting theme.

We want to connect business and entertainment together by connecting them into our world of events and entertainment by creating complete concepts with “The Creative Team” using our know how and using our very own dedicated pool of artists to creating a life style agency next to non.

Connect Internationals “The Creative Team” will assist and help the entertainment industry come together to create and merge business and entertainment no matter what the circumstances are. “We Create To Entertain”.